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ClamAV – An open-source anti-virus for your linux server


    ClamAV is an open-source anti-virus available on almost all linux distribution. You can easily install it to analyze your website folders to clean them.

    To install ClamAV :

    apt-get install clamav

    Then to update anti-virus database use :

    sudo freshclam

    ClamAV usage examples

    Scan recursively the folder /var/www

    sudo clamscan -r /var/www

    Scan recursively all folders on your server

    sudo clamscan -r /

    Scan recursively /var/www and write logs in the file clamav-result.log

    sudo clamscan -i --log=/var/log/clamav-result.log -r /var/www

    Scan recursively /var/www and move any infected files in /var/infected

    sudo clamscan --move=/var/infected -r /var/www

    Automate anti-virus database update :

    Create a file /etc/cron.daily/freshclam with the following content :

    /usr/bin/freshclam >> /var/log/results_freshclam.txt

    Change permission to 755 on this file :

    sudo chmod 755 /etc/cron.daily/freshclam

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