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Compress your files faster with pigz



    Pigz is a parallel implementation of GZip, it compresses using threads to make use of multiple processors and cores.

    Install Pigz

    You can install easily pigz on your server by running :

    apt-get install -y pigz

    Using pigz instead of gzip

    Then you will be able to use the command pigz instead of gzip, but you can also use pigz with the archiving tool tar.
    Usually to compress an archive with gzip, you will use something like that :

    tar -cvzf myarchive.tar.gz myfile

    It’s not very different with pigz :

    tar -I pigz -cvf myarchive.tar.gz myfile

    To extract a gzipped archive with pigz, it’s exactly the same process :

    tar -I pigz -xvf myarchive.tar.gz


    With Pigz, you can archive a single file of 100MB two times faster than with gzip

    # without pigz
    root@nginx ~ # time /bin/tar -cvzf 100Mio.dat.tar.gz 100Mio.dat
    real    0m4.449s
    user    0m4.236s
    sys     0m0.364s
    # with pigz
    root@nginx ~ # time /bin/tar -I pigz -cvf 100Mio.dat.tar.gz 100Mio.dat
    real    0m2.261s
    user    0m4.140s
    sys     0m0.248s

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